Advanced Analytics for Marketing and Sales

In a perfect world, Marketers get people interested in the products and services companies sell, and the Sales team closes the deal. What if you are both the Marketer and the Sales team? What if you handle the marketing but are kept so busy by trying to track and organize results of your marketing you don’t really have time to get the leads to your sales team? Merge Analytics can help. Our system is designed to help you get the most insight of what your customers need/want – and deliver leads to your sales team – automatically.

  • Specialized e-Mail tracking metrics that keep results by week, by month, by quarter, by Campaign step, and by campaign in total
  • Track all your e-Marketing efforts in a campaign centric fashion, thus relating results to social media (like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook), e-Mail , landing pages, web pages, or even 3rd Party URL Shortening services – as an entire campaign effort, just an individual step in the campaign, or by the lead name
  • Activity scoring for all types of activities, completely controlled by you
  • Proactive notification to your sales team or partners of strong leads from your marketing efforts
  • Social Media keyword monitoring so you can be aware of any “chatter” related to keywords associated to your campaigns
Get the Most Customer Insight Possible

The goal of Merge Analytics platform is to not only help you find new leads, but nurture and retain existing customers. We do this by providing assistance with the most common portions of your e-Marketing plans – and giving you all the tools you need to “keep a pulse” on what your customers show they are interested in. We can help you:

  • Create a custom template(s) for your e-Mail campaigns
  • Create and host Campaign centric landing pages or web sites
  • Improve the SEO of any of your landing pages or web pages
  • Blend 3rd Party Analytics related to your campaigns
  • Track activities on your landing pages, web sites, and social media efforts
  • Monitor social media sites for keywords you choose to help you keep in the loop of discussion that concern you and your customer relationships
  • Allow you to control Activity Scoring to weigh the activities most important to you and your relationships
  • Post to social media site like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Use social media contacts in your e-Mail campaigns
  • Contact e-Mail addresses are accessible via LDAP for use in your e-Mail client of choice
Designed with Small Businesses in Mind

We know Merge Analytics is not the first to have at least a portion of these tools, but we have seen our competitors and know a few things for certain:

  1. They don’t think of things in a “campaign centric” way – like marketing professionals do
  2. They base their pricing on metrics that are generally higher than small businesses will have, like 10,000 leads as the lowest price point
  3. They sell proactive notification and activity scoring as if they were a luxury – generally forcing you to a higher program

We think small to medium businesses need a break, and generally need the extra assistance to manage their marketing and sales efforts. We have based our products with those needs in mind. Let us show you how we can help grow your business with less effort and more results.

Advanced Analytics

Complete Analytical Solutions for your business needs.

• Specialized E-Mail Tracking
• Activity Scoring
• Social Media Monitoring



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