What is e-Marketing

At Merge Analytics we define e-Marketing as any Marketing effort done in a purely electronic way. This can be in many forms such as e-Mail (generally using ESPs like ConstantContact), landing pages specific to your marketing efforts, web site(s), Search Engine Optimization efforts (SEO), social media exchanges on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or what have you, use of URL shortening technology such as bit.ly or goo.gl, and ad placement on other sites.

The Challenge of e-Marketing

Up to this point, most of the areas involved in e-Marketing have evolved in parallel and separate from one another. There are a few places where items do cross over, but not in a complete way. In addition, e-Marketing tools rarely think the way a marketer thinks.

The providers of these platforms tend to think of things in a “one off” way. For example, e-mail service providers (ESPs) generally think of a single email as a campaign. A marketer tends to think of a campaign as a series of different marketing efforts that culminate in an overall effort. So with the differences in approach, often a marketer is left to pull many disparate reports and bringing them into a separate report to show the overall campaign results.

Who has time for all this extra effort? Most small to medium size businesses have someone that does marketing and many other things – they need simplification.

How Merge Analytics can Help?

Our platform is totally campaign centric – and you, our clients, are in the driver seat. See, you tell us how your e-Marketing efforts relate to a campaign you are running. From scheduling your planned efforts, to executing them, to analyzing the results, or figuring out the ROI of your efforts, Merge Analytics makes it all easier.

So how just do we do that:

  • Activity Scoring is completely configurable by you (so a Twitter link click is worth 2 points, a click on Facebook is worth 3 points, and a click in an e-Mail is worth 7 points, as an example) – but you chose
  • Configure who should be notified of a lead when an Activity Score threshold is reached, either for the individual effort (i.e. an e-Mail) or for the entire campaign
  • Use tools you are already familiar with, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, ConstantContact or bit.ly (you can even go back in history in some cases)
  • Analyze results by individual effort, or as an entire campaign in one click
  • Learn one interface, and get the power of several different ones
  • One site – one overall picture


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