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Search Engine Optimization, also known as Internet Marketing begins with a well designed web site that is easy for your customers to read and navigate along with being friendly to the major search engines that need to read through the coding of your site. We work on the design as well as the coding to make it Search Engine Friendly.

Are You Search Engine Ready?

In many situations a web site may be performing at top speed but your search results are leaving your behind and not allowing your customers to be able to find you on the search engines. Many programmers will design your web site without having the knowledge of optimization as your site is being constructed. This can lead to a level of frustration months down the road leaving you with very few customers to help grow your business.

Proper Keyword Selection

This process begins with analyzing pages of your website for a selection of 4 to 5 keywords or keyword phrases which are relevant to your business or se rice. This is completed after the site has been made SEO friendly.

Specific SEO Considerations:

  • Selection of keywords and keyword phrases must be relevant to the page being targeted
  • Analyzing the importance of the keywords selected and properly placing them on the page
  • Evaluating the keywords being used for solid traffic from searches being performed
  • Choosing the audience which is being targeted from the selection of keywords and phrases being used for maximum traffic

SEO Plan

Keyword Selection is Vital

  • Targeting Keywords
  • Optimize Websites
  • Submit Pages
  • Reporting

Page Evaluation

We evaluate each page closely while examining keywords and the context surrounding them making sure the specific page projects the message about your company or service you provide to your customers and making certain that guidelines are in place for the search engines.

Our 4 Step Evaluative Process:

Page Title

We examine the Page Title of each page being optimized making certain that it has the proper qualifiers for key words being targeted enabling maximum search results.

This tag is often left blank or repeated throughout the site with each page having the same name as the Home Page. We make certain each page has a title that has meaning relating to the content of the page so it can be properly indexed and drive the targeted audience to this page.

Page Headings

Our next step is to construct proper HTML < h1 to h4 > heading tags while placing them properly though out the page making certain keyword stuffing is not being used within the optimized page.

As a perspective customer is reading your page it needs this proper structure so that important statements are easily read for the customer and to show importance to the search engine(s).

Meta Tags

Each page that is being developed during the optimization step needs to have properly and well thought out Meta tags which are built in the code of your site.

This section of the code is often void of content, misused or still some companies use unscrupulous methods which in turn can have you banned from the search engines.

During the process of evaluating each page we carefully craft the Meta tags so they consist of the following:

  1. Meaning
  2. Correspond the the content of the page
  3. Relevance to the targeted keywords
  4. "Search Worthiness"
  5. Compliance with Major Search Engines:
    • Google
    • Bing
    • Yahoo
Page Content

Page Content completes the framework and putting it all together for Search Engine Readiness and presenting a well laid out page for a pleasant experience for a visitor to view and read.

We want to find opportunities to intelligently write about features that are within the page being optimized. Using calls to action such as "Contact Us" or perhaps to "Learn More". Many ideas can be implemented that are Search Engine Friendly and will not harm your page.

We review each page with different eyes and point of view as well as the customers opinion while developing a site.

SEO Plan - Target Key Words

Keyword Selection is Vital

  • Targeting Keywords
  • Optimize Websites
  • Submit Pages
  • Reporting

In Conclusion:

We make every effort in getting you Results! We want you to be listed organically within the top ten listings on the major search engines.

Our goal is to create clean code which makes it search engine friendly along with keeping it easy for a visitor to read and to find the specific information they are searching for.

Google along with the other major search engines such as Bing and Yahoo like fresh content and a well structured website. We take pride in building code as clean as possible without using Black listed techniques that can have you banned from the search engines.

Initial Contact

  • We listen to you about your concerns and what your goals are. After understanding your business, what your objectives are, your time line we will begin our research of what the best Internet Marketing and SEO page optimization we think is best for you.
  • We will research all of your top competitors that are listed in the top ten listings on the major search engines and find a home to place your optimized seo website listed with them.
  • We will assemble a list of keywords, titles and descriptions for the page or pages being optimized and discuss them with you as to why we selected them for your website.
  • Upon your approval we will begin the process of working with you and your website making it SEO Friendly. We supply you with real Statistics and discuss them with you and make necessary changes as needed.

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SEO Optimization Company

Keyword Selection is Vital

  • Targeting Keywords
  • Optimize Websites
  • Submit Pages
  • Reporting


Are you Search Engine Ready?

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