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E-Marketing efforts generally have one goal – generate more leads, and while the tools offered by Merge Analytics truly help with that – Merge Analytics feels the overall goal should be 2-fold.

  1. Using every means necessary to generate new leads
  2. Help our customers retain more of their existing customers using these same metrics.

The reality, we think retaining customers is more important than getting new ones, and we have designed our tools to help you do just that.

Advanced Site Tracking – From Merge Analytics - VisitInsight

Proper Site Tracking of landing pages and web sites is truly an art. For a company to get the best results from a Site Tracking effort, there are a few things that are essential:

  • The Site Tracking code should work whether Java Script is enabled or not
  • The Site Tracking code should not use cookies or any other technology that leaves a foot print on user’s computers (this can get you in trouble in some countries now)
  • The Site Tracking code should be configurable for tracking non-Page links as well as other pages (for example: downloading a PDF or other document type)
  • The Site Tracking code should be stand alone or able to work with other analytic tracking code
  • The Site Tracking code should be configurable after implemented on a landing page or web page to capture the traffic activity the way you want

The Site Tracking tool from Merge Analytics (called VisitInsight) does all of the above and more.

Where Merge Analytics Site Tracking Excels

  • Built with Marketers needs in mind – we know you develop plans based around Marketing Campaigns that can be several months long
  • Keep Site Tracking records associated to actual Marketing Campaigns
  • Assign Activity Scores to different activities that are a result of the Site Tracking
  • Use the Activity Scores to determine proactive notification/distribution of a potential lead’s activities to the person or partner responsible for following up and closing business

Imagine the power

Site Tracking today has some limits, for example, if the IP Address tracked is from Comcast, Time Warner, even RIM Blackberry – it will be difficult to know just who “owns” the use of that IP Address. At Merge Analytics however, we have multiple IP Analysis tools to help us get a business name whenever possible.

When you use the full suite of tools offered by Merge Analytics, for your e-Marketing efforts, you will see amazing results as we can combine discovery made on e-Marketing efforts whether e-Mail, social media, landing pages, web pages, or even some 3rd Party URL shortening services.


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